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Some Herne Bay Trivia

The `Barnes Wallis Bouncing Bomb` was tested at the eastern end of Herne Bay at Reculver. A memorial to this is erected at the base of the slopes by the King`s Hall

Herne Bay was also the setting for a world speed record back in 1945(not that the BBC can ever get that right and quote it as Eastbourne!). There were two Gloster Meteors attempting to gain the World Absolute Air Speed Record on 7 November 1945. EE454, flown by Group Captain Hugh Wilson RAF, and EE455, flown by Eric Greenwood, chief test pilot of the Gloster Aircraft Company. Group Captain Wilson flew the three-kilometre course between Herne Bay and Reculver at a new air speed record of 606.25 mph, while Greenwood returned a speed of 603 mph. Kent History

Herne Bay features in `Some Mothers do ave em`, scenes from a total of five episodes were shot here. The Carlton Hotel, 40 Central Parade is the hotel they stayed in. In 1975, No.40 also featured in a part of `The Medusa Touch`. Herne Bay has been most of the setting for series 1 of `Little Britain`, Emily Howard, which oddly shows 40 Central Parade in the background right hand side, Lou and Andy live in Herby (HERne BaY) and enjoy an ice cream by the bandstand.

More recently Boomers was shot here.

Marcel Duchamp was a famous visitor to Herne bay in 1913.

Ken Russell`s second movie, French Dressing was made Here and features the Pier in its entirety before it was destroyed by fire(1970) and storm damage tore several chunks from the main length of seaward section in 1978.

Cockles 1984 from the BBC was also shot here

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